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  South Mississippi Strong: Biloxi Police Chief symbol of strength, professionalism after officer’s tragic death

The leader of the Biloxi Police Department, Chief John Miller, has been a symbol of strength professionalism Officer Robert McKeithen was killed.

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  South Mississippi Strong: Web series gives local unsigned artists a platform to shine

Harris describes the show as “MTV for local unsigned artists,” and they're always looking to discover the next undiscovered group.

  “We’re living happily ever after”: Biloxi couple’s love story endures for 72 years

It’s a love story for the ages, one that has endured since World War II, and one that continues just as strong today as it did 72 years ago.

  South Mississippi Strong: Goodwill wants to end poverty in Mississippi

It’s not charity; it’s a chance. That’s what Goodwill Industries of South Mississippi is founded on.

  South Mississippi Strong: City volunteer is a direct descendant of a founding family

Two of Jimmy Kreb's ancestors served as mayor. And today, he’s making his own mark on the city.

  South Mississippi Strong: MGCCC grad on his way to becoming a physician thanks to scholarship

Nader Pahlevan of Biloxi graduated from MGCCC and is on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a doctor to help under served communities in Mississippi.

  South Mississippi Strong: Founder, curator of G.I. Museum honors all things military

The G.I. Museum in Gautier stands out like a beacon of hope and honor. The man behind the museum is Doug Mansfield.

  South Mississippi Strong: Upside-down potter teaches innovation, engineering through art

A Hancock County artist with an engineering background is taking an unique approach to pottery, using it as a platform to teach innovation, mechanics, and art.

  South Mississippi Strong: Grieving mother creates Kuddles for others in need of a hug

A grieving South Mississippi mom is honoring her daughter’s memory by providing plenty of love and hugs to others in the form of bears called Kuddles.

  South Mississippi Strong: Retired chef brings fresh food, community to Coast with multiple farmer’s markets

One woman’s vision to bring fresh food to South Mississippi residents has blossomed into multiple farmers markets along the Coast.

  South Mississippi Strong: Eighth grader battles brain cancer with smile, positive attitude

A Biloxi eighth grader and her mom put on a brave smile and a positive attitude each day as the teenager battles brain cancer with the help of St. Jude Hospital

  South Mississippi Strong: Hospital volunteer uses her dogs to lift the spirits of others

Where you see Abby and Bella, Mary Pecoul can't be far behind. As a volunteer at Garden Park Pecoul leads the hospital's pet therapy program.

  Nancy Rogers makes Mardi Gras magic for 23 years

  South Mississippi Strong: The History of the 100 Men Hall