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  Taylor's 10 PM Saturday First Alert Forecast

Hit or miss showers and storms on Sunday.

  Taylor's 6 PM Saturday First Alert Forecast

A few storms are possible tomorrow.

  Taylor's Saturday GMM First Alert Forecast

Isolated showers possible today... higher rain chances on Sunday.

  Carrie's 10 PM First Alert Forecast

Tonight will be warm and humid with patchy fog possible in the morning.

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  Taylor's 5 PM First Alert Forecast

Patchy fog, increasing clouds, humid with higher rain chances Monday

  Neighborhood gawks at bear in tree

Arlington. Mass., bear relocated after being tranquilized, climbing down a tree.

  Happening May 18-19: Harrison County Gem & Jewelry Show

  Gulf Coast Good News - Episode 54

Graduates doing amazing things, two teenagers putting in hard work at their own business, and a burger showdown on the Coast!

  Taylor's Friday Midday First Alert Forecast

The humidity is going up this weekend!

  BLOG VIDEO: Blue moon rises on Saturday, May 18 2019

May's Full Flower moon rises on Saturday night. It will be considered a blue moon because it is the third of four full moons this season.

  Wesley's Friday First Alert Forecast

What a nice end to a nice week of weather. Any rain this weekend? Click and watch the forecast video for details.

  Moss Point residents, city officials meet to discuss 2% restaurant tax

Moss Point city leaders met Thursday night with residents to discuss a proposed restaurant tax.

  Lack of funding causes closure of Coast school for autistic children

A specialty school catering to students with autism and operated by the USM is shutting its doors due to lack of funding.

  FORECAST VIDEO: 5-17-19 Warm and humid. Close call with rain this weekend.

For Friday, the humidity is still on the rise. Expect mostly sunny and warm conditions with highs in the mid to upper 80s.

  Taylor's 10 PM Thursday First Alert Forecast

Rain chances go up this weekend.

  Governor's race latest

  Dementia Patients

  New commander named at Keesler Air Force Base

  Carrie"s 5 PM Thursday First Alert Forecast

Rain chances and the humidity increase this weekend.

  Gulfport Library's Summer Reading Series: Universe of Stories

Every summer, the Gulfport Public Library has a summer reading series to keep your kids excited about books during their break from school.

  Advice for seeking help for Mental Health

Here from Oceans Healthcare with resources for those dealing with mental health issues, we have Kim Morgan and Sarah Reed.

  Happening May 22-26th - Conference USA Championship Baseball Tournament

MGM Park is once again hosting the Conference USA Championship Baseball Tournament. Here to talk about this highly anticipated event, we have Tim Bennett.

  Happening May 17th - Reunion at the Union

The city of Biloxi is celebrating the re-opening of Howard Avenue with a street party, and you're invited. Mayor FoFo Gilich is here with more details.

  Woman scoops up 4-year-old boy at CA McDonald's

A McDonald’s security video shows a woman casually scooping up a 4-year-old boy and calmly walking out of the restaurant with him.

  Mom confronts daughter's bullies on school grounds

After her daughter started crying and admitted she thought about suicide because of bullying, a mom marched into her classroom to confront the bullies.

  Carrie's Midday First Alert Forecast

Increasing humidity and rain chances return for the weekend