What the mask mandate means to you

In his first executive order, President Joe Biden enacted the 100 Days Masking Challenge, an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

  Biden plans to deliver "bold action" on day one

  Wednesday's COVID-19 conversation with Dr. Nicholas Conger

Joining us with latest on the battle against COVID-19 in South Mississippi is Memorial Hospital Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Nicholas Conger.

  Morbid milestone: More than 400K COVID-19 deaths in America

  Healthcare workers hopeful for future after receiving second COVID-19 vaccination shot

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine you must follow up to get the second dose. Some frontline workers at Memorial Hospital got their second shot on Tuesday.

  LIVE REPORT: Diamondhead church holds memorial for COVID-19 victims

Andres Fuentes joins us live from Diamondhead with more on a coast church's remembrance of COVID-19 victims.

  Tuesday's COVID-19 conversation with Heath Thompson

Singing River RN Administrator Heath Thompson tells us when more COVID-19 vaccination appointments are expected to open up.

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How mental and physical health impacts your body's COVID-19 response.

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Joining us now is the man in charge of Singing River Health System's vaccines and also COVID-19 drug treatments, lead clinical pharmacist Chris Ayers.

  COVID: US approaching 400K deaths

  Less than 1% of Americans have received COVID vaccine

Only 1.6 million Americans have received both doses of the COVID vaccine giving them protection.

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Plasma from COVID-19 survivors is helping coronavirus patients recover.

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  Wednesday's COVID-19 conversation with Dr. Nicholas Conger

Memorial Hospital Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Nicholas Conger joins us with his insight on the fight against COVID-19 in Mississippi.

  Vaccine access expands as US death rates soar