Landlords hit as unpaid rent from eviction moratorium piles up

  Biloxi VA hosts mass vaccination event

  Girl finds parents dead in bed from COVID-19 in Missouri

  FDA greenlights America's third COVID-19 vaccine

  William Carey nursing students on front line of pandemic

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  Friday's COVID-19 conversation with Dr. Wendy Williams

Joining us with her insight into the COVID-19 battle in South Mississippi is Dr. Wendy Williams from Coastal Family Health.

  Thursday's COVID-19 conversation with Ocean Springs Hospital Administrator Heath Thompson

Here with the latest on vaccination efforts in South Mississippi is Ocean Springs Hospital Administrator Heath Thompson, who is also an RN.

  COVID vaccines, variants, and warnings

The Biden administration ramping up vaccine outreach efforts amid hesitancy- and warnings of a surge due to new Covid-19 variants.

  Many suffer with post-COVID syndrome

A new study suggests even those with mild COVID cases may feel some symptoms months later.

  Black-owned spa business celebrates opening during pandemic

  US closer to first single-dose COVID vaccine

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, FDA analysis finds.

  Dr. Conger gives latest update on COVID-19 in South Mississippi

  COVID-19 vaccine makers pledge 240M doses by end of March

  Memorial Hospital administers more than 1,000 first dose COVID vaccines

Memorial Hospital prepped hundreds of COVID vaccine doses Tuesday at the Lyman Community Center.

  Teachers, first responders eligible for COVID-19 vaccines starting March 1st

Dr. Wayne Rodolfich talks about what it means for all teachers and school employees to finally be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

  White House COVID briefing: States to get 14.5 million doses

“States will now receive 14.5 million doses this week, up from 8.6 million doses per week when the President took office," Jen Psaki, press secretary.

  Biden honors 500K+ killed by COVID

  Monday's COVID-19 conversation with Dr. Jesse Penico

Joining us now with the latest on the COVID-19 battle in South Mississippi is Dr. Jesse Penico, an Infectious Disease Specialist at Memorial Hospital.

  US mourns 500,000 COVID deaths as relief bill moves ahead

  World Health Organization wants deeper look at COVID-19

  COVID: Cases dropping, US death toll approaches 500K

  MSDH continues outreach in minority communities during COVID-19

  Biden teases goal of normalcy from pandemic

  The importance of cardiovascular health amid the pandemic

Studies show people with poor cardiovascular health are at increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19, but that's only part of the Covid-Heart dilemma.