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Published: Nov. 1, 2002 at 7:40 PM CST|Updated: May. 5, 2006 at 6:19 PM CDT
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It seems like David Elliott is always on television. He's seen at least once everyday on WLOX. He co-anchors the 4 O'Clock Show and WLOX News at 5:00pm everyday with Karen Abernathy. On Saturday you'll find him and Doug Walker recapping the weeks news on Newswatch This Week. And he hosts a sometimes controversial call in talk show Sunday Night. recently pried him away from all of that to answer a few random questions for you Off The Air .

What time do you get up?

DE: 8am. I'm not an early riser. I get up later in the summer.


What makes you mad when you drive Highway 90?

DE: The lights don't seem to be synchronized.

What TV shows did you watch when you were growing up?

DE: I had three favorites. Gilligan's Island was one of my favorites, of course. The Beverly Hillbillies , and F-Troop .

What are your current three favorite TV shows?

DE: The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Arliss .

What is at the bottom of your closet?

DE: Too many shoes. All my shoes. Too many of them. I could never wear all of them. I'm like Imelda Marcos. I've got too many shoes.

Do you play an instrument?

DE: I play bass guitar. I can pretend to play the drums. And in my own mind I can kind of play the piano. I took piano lessons when I was a kid from my great aunt Eve.

What's your favorite board game?

DE: Scattergories. It’s a great word game. I just love Scattergories. Backgammon would be a close second. Actually, backgammon is my favorite.

What was the first record album you bought?

DE: Steppenwolf's "At Your Birthday Party."

What was the most memorable concert you've seen?

DE: Pink Floyd at the Hollywood Bowl in about 1973. The Hollywood Bowl was an unbelievable venue, and when you throw in the theatre of Pink Floyd, to this day I remember that concert. I was living in Southern California at the time.

What was the last concert you saw?

DE: Limp Bizkit at the coliseum. The Family Values tour. I'm glad I did see Limp Bizkit or my answer would be Marilyn Manson. That probably wouldn't go over very well with viewers.

When you go to Disney World what is your favorite ride?

DE: It's not a roller coaster. It's not anything that goes especially fast. I just don't like fast rides. It would be…

It's A Small World?

DE: (Laughs) Yes, It's A Small World. It's the song that draws me in and all the little characters. (Laughs) Actually, they're kind of creepy. So, It's A Small World. I'm not going to say Tower of Terror or Space Mountain because I'm not into those kinds of things.

What local restaurants do you enjoy?

DE: Alberti's. They have the best filet on the coast in my opinion. I'm a big filet mignon fan. The second best filet, and it's about a tie with Alberti's, would be L.B.'s inside the Grand. And I'm going to throw in a little place in downtown Gulfport called El Mexicano because I go there a lot.

Would you ever skydive?

DE: No. I would never jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

What is your pet peeve?

DE: That Cable One doesn't carry the Comedy Central in Gulfport. It's crazy that they don't offer it there and they give it to Biloxi. They should carry Comedy Central in Gulfport. That's my pet peeve. That's a silly pet peeve, but you shouldn't take pet peeves too seriously.

What radio station is your car tuned to at this very second?

DE: Hmm. Believe it or not, News Talk 570 WVMI.

What was the last magazine you read?

DE: Probably Southern Living. That sounds like a Karen Abernathy answer so I better not say that. I was bored. Mostly I like to look at magazines about architecture. Actually, I think the last magazine I read was Architectural Digest .

Do you prefer modern or classic archetecture?

DE: I actually like a blend of the two. Much to my wife's dismay, I would like to have a house that would have one room modern, one room antique, another room art deco, just all different kinds of styles mixed together.

What three records could you listen to over and over?

DE: Kid Rock's debut album. Led Zeppelin's first album, and The Allman Brother Band Live at the Fillmore . Actually, you know what I'm listening to now and enjoying? Eminem. My son burned a CD for me the other day and it had four of his cuts on it, and I liked it.

What technical gadget could you not live without?

DE: The remote control. (Laughs)

Who are your favorite fiction writers?

DE: Stephen King, Elmore Leonard, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

When you lived in Minnesota did you ever go to an ice palace?

DE: Actually, they have their own version of Mardi Gras up there. It's a big winter carnival. They make these big, unbelievable structures out of snow and ice. So, yes I did. Many times when I was a kid.

Do you rollerblade?

DE: Yes. I had a terrible wipeout playing roller hockey a few years ago where I almost broke a hip, and dislocated a shoulder, and jammed a finger. That was one of the worst injury events in my life.

What was the last DVD you bought?

DE: Gladiator .

Name three movies you could watch over and over.

DE: Amadeus, JFK, and The Godfather .

What was the last over hyped movie you saw?

DE: (Laughs). I really don't go to movies. I never go to movie theaters. I'll go once a year. The last movie I saw at the theater was Austin Powers: Goldmember , and prior to that I hadn't gone to a movie probably for five years.

Which TV show would you most likely win: Millionaire, Fear Factor, Survivor, or American Idol?

DE: (Laughs) I think I'd have the best shot at Millionaire. As a matter of fact, I could guarantee a victory on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

DE: Homer Simpson or Under Dog. Actually, Bullwinkle is my favorite cartoon character because Rocky and Bullwinkle was not just a mindless cartoon. There was good writing. It was The Simpsons of its time. When I go other places I like to watch South Park . We don't get it in Gulfport because we don't even get Comedy Central or the Golf Channel.

Who is the coolest celebrity you've interviewed?

DE: Believe it or not, Oprah Winfrey. She was a lot sweeter than I thought she'd be. I've interviewed her a couple of times. Each time she knew my name, she sat down and took extra time, she was very accommodating and I was a little surprised by that.

Favorite Elvis movie?

DE: I guess, only because it's the only one I can think of…


DE: (Laughs) Actually he did a western that I like but I can't remember the name of it so I'm going to say Jail House Rock because that is an unbelievable cinematic number in the film. The choreography in that is just great.

What do you like about Page 13?

DE: I think Page 13 lets I try to stay out of the way on Page 13 and let people tell stories about themselves. It's great to give people a chance and the spotlight to show whatever their hobby or interest is.

Have you ever met Earl? (Earl is a regular caller to Dave's "Sunday Night" program.)

DE: Believe it or not, Earl was actually on Sunday Night a few years ago. We were very dramatic about it. We had him sitting in the shadows and the lights came up. Earl's the kind of guy where I see him sitting around with his cronies at a coffee or donut shop in St. Martin trying to solve all the world's problems.

Percentage wise, how often do you agree with him?

DE: Not often. I would say 10 percent of the time.

Who is your favorite country artist?

DE: Merle Haggard. He's a classic. He's when country was country. Merle Haggard is the real deal.

Favorite female country artist?

DE: The Dixie Chicks. I don't know why. I just like saying Dixie Chicks.

Have you ever been to the top of the Biloxi lighthouse?

DE: I have actually danced with Karen Abernathy at the top of the Biloxi lighthouse. Who else can say that? We were doing a station promotion in the mid 80's. I've been up there other times, too.

Ever ridden a horse?

DE: I have been on a horse. I'm not much of a horse guy. I can handle it for about half an hour. I don't know how anyone could ever ride a horse for longer than that and still walk like a man the next day. I had an experience in Vale (Colorado) where we went on a horseback riding trip and the tour guide was a sadist and he took us into a heavily wooded area. I almost had to be hospitalized afterward. We had cuts and bruises and scrapes. That's my horseback-riding story.

When you cookout do you use charcoal or gas?

DE: 100 percent charcoal. I'm an old fashioned guy. It's the flavor, it's the ritual, it's the fire. It's just the whole event of using charcoal to cook out. I don't like gas. It's too convenient. It's too sterile.

Describe your last cooking disaster.

DE: I don't know if it was my last disaster, although I don't mean to imply I've had many, but I was cooking some steaks on the grill and I went inside the house to get some vegetables and I came back out and my dog had dragged the steak off the grill and was over on the deck having at it.

What pets do you currently have?

DE: I have one little cat named Smokey. Can you call a cat a mutt? This cat is a mutt. I got it from the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

Who are your favorite comedians? Who makes you laugh?

DE: Robin Williams is my favorite modern comedian. He makes me laugh more than Chris Rock, though I saw Chris Rock at the Grand and he was funny. I hate Seinfeld. He doesn't even make me chuckle. Of the classic comedians, I would say Don Rickles. He stands out like a sore thumb in today's politically correct world. I haven't seen his show though he comes here a lot, but can you imagine his shtick playing in this sterile, generic, politically correct world?

What is your dream job?

DE: Professional golfer. You play the most beautiful golf courses in the world. You get to wear the coolest clothes. You get to travel.

Have you ever beaten Jeff Lawson in golf?

DE: Not recently. It's been too long since I've beaten him.

Brad Kessie?

DE: Pretty even. 50/50.

Doug Walker?

DE: Every time.

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