New twist in Billey Joe Johnson case

There's a new twist in the investigation into the death of Billey Joe Johnson. Distrcit Attorney Tony Lawrence released a new incident report this afternoon, this one involving an attempted burglary, where Johnson is listed as the sole suspect. According to the report, a black male, who the victim identified as Johnson, tried to break into her home at 5:40 am. The victim, whose name cannot be released because she is a minor, said the suspect drove a maroon Chevrolet Z-71 truck, just like the one Johnson was driving when he was pulled over. Sgt. James O'Neal of the Lucedale Police Department responded to the scene, and started to escort the victim to the police department to file charges against Johnson. Sgt. O'Neal said he was called away from the escort to assist with a traffic stop with gunfire. When he arrived to assist, he said he found, "A black male, identified as the suspect Billey Joe Johnson, lying on the ground outside the driver's side door with a shotgun lying on top of him and blood on the ground around his head." According the report, outside agencies were contacted immediately, because both the Lucedale Police Department and the George County Sheriff's Department were involved with Johnson.