Gulfport Family Searching For Dog That Bit Child

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- Eleven-year-old Catherine Jones was playing in Gulfport's Brentwood Subdivision when she says a grey German Shepherd dog approached.

"He came up to me. He sniffed me and started rubbing against me, so I started petting him. Something scared him and he just turned around and just bit me," Jones remembered. "Then after he bit me, after five or six seconds, he let go and took off running."

Jones said she had never seen the dog before. The attack left two small cuts on the index finger on her right hand. After five days of searching, talking with the animal control, and local law enforcement, Catherine's mother Margaret Jones says they have come up empty. That's why she contacted WLOX.

"To publicize it. To let the people know to be on the look out for this dog that looks like a German Shepherd, that is perhaps roaming around the neighborhood," Margaret Jones said.

Time is running out. If they can't find the dog soon, Mrs. Jones wants her daughter to undergo rabies shots.

"I feel like, for the safety of the child, I'll have to put her through those horrible rabies shots," Jones said.

Margaret Jones described the series of seven shots.

"You have to have one on each side of the neck, one in each shoulder and three in the side of the bite."

Catherine Jones is asking for your help.

"If you see a grey German Shepherd running around in Brentwood, please call here," the 11-year-old asked.

If you have seen a stray German Shepherd roaming around the Brentwood Subdivision, don't approach it, but do call Margaret Jones at (228) 896-1108.