Governor Helping To Bring Wal-Mart Back, Pass Mayor Says

There's new information about Wal-Mart's return to Pass Christian. Mayor Chipper McDermott told WLOX talks are underway to bring a store back to the Pass.

The SuperCenter on the beach was open just two years before Katrina washed it away. It accounted for a huge part of Pass Christian's sales tax base.

Wal-Mart pledged to come back shortly after the storm, but there's been little official movement since then.

On WLOX News This Week, Mayor Chipper McDermott revealed his city has a new ally in luring WalMart back - Governor Haley Barbour.

"He's dealing with it at the highest level, at Wal-mart's level," McDermott said. "Wal-mart's worth $275 billion and they are looking at making sure they are making the right choices. I'm sure they are counting houses, because we try to tell them the amount of people that are there are still there, they just may be a little farther north. We feel the money is there to be made."

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