Public Comments Needed On Bay St. Louis Comprehensive Plan

The Hancock County Chamber of Commerce is continuing a public awareness campaign to generate citizen input to the new Bay St. Louis Comprehensive Plan.  The new drive is called "Which Way in Our Bay?"

The campaign also urges that citizens attend a meeting when the City Council will be accepting public comment on the first section of the plan.  The meeting will be held on Thursday, August 9th, 5:30 pm at Council Chambers (behind the Shell station at Main and Hwy 90).

To help citizens who are short on reading time, the Chamber worked with  planners and the city to create "Highlights of the Comprehensive Plan."  The document can be read in about 15 minutes and is available at the Chamber Office, City Council Chambers and on the new Bay St. Louis Website, at

City Chief Administrator Buz Olsen explains that although still under-construction, the site is already working to serve citizens.

"People can look in the "Community" section and find an explanation of how a comp plan works," he said.  "With another click, they can read the highlights of the plan.  We're even linked to the Chamber site, where residents can download a complete copy."

"The idea is to get the community involved," Olsen continued.  "We want to hear what they have to say about how this town is going to rebuild, what they want it to be in 20 years."

On Monday night the Council agreed by endorsing the outreach to citizens. Council President Jim Thriffiley noted that they're hoping for a good turn-out at Thursday's meeting. Councilman Bobby Compretta encouraged residents to "take part in planning for our future."

Chamber Director Tish Williams is sending special notice to all Chamber members, including the link so they may easily access the highlights.  The Chamber is also posting flyers around the city.

"The comprehensive plan will affect what sort of city our children will inherit," Williams said.  "That makes it anything but boring."

"Knowing that most citizens are overwhelmed right now with rebuilding efforts gave us the idea of a "highlights" piece.   We wanted something people could read over coffee and become inspired to participate."

The meeting on Thursday night is the first of a series that will be held discussing different sections of the plan.  After the council has considered all public comment, they will make any changes and vote on accepting the plan.

Once the plan is in place, it can be used to create zoning in the newly annexed districts and to guide planning for development, housing, infrastructure and public works.

Meeting on Thursday, August 9th:  5:30 pm, City Council Chambers (behind the Shell station at Main and Hwy. 90).

Feel free to bring your written comments to deliver to council.  Comments may also be sent to the city at: or City Council Office, P.O. Box 2550, Bay St. Louis, MS, 39521.

Copies will be made of all comments received and given to each council member and the planners. Through the local media and Chamber website, the Council will announce future public meetings regarding the plan.