Gautier Police Begin Patrolling Annexed Areas On Sunday

Officers like Capt. Terry Bulloch will become familiar to residents in the newly annexed areas of Gautier as they patrol the streets. Bulloch says calls from the new areas began to roll in first thing Sunday morning.

"It's a challenge, but a good challenge, one that we all enjoy," Capt. Bullloch said.

On the first day of patrol, officers surveyed the areas to see what the work load was like. They know the department will need extra officers on the streets, but are trying to decide just how many.

"We'll be triple in size, so we'll be right now spread pretty thin. But we'll do whatever it takes to do to serve the people and keep everybody as safe as possible until we get the additional personnel."

As Capt. Bulloch rolled through the neighborhoods, he saw many residents. Bulloch says he feels welcomed in the new area.

"We're seeing a lot of support from the citizens. Everyone seems to be happy to see us and have us. Everyone is waving a lot."

"I was very glad to see them, but at the same token, we saw a lot of the sheriff's department out too. They did a very good job," Gautier resident Patty Peake said.

The Gautier Fire Department was also on hand today for the newly annexed areas. Department officials say they didn't have any calls from those areas on Sunday.