Families Call For Answers In Moss Point Jail Deaths

Published: Aug. 18, 2006 at 11:15 PM CDT
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The families of two inmates who died in the Moss Point Jail this year are still looking for answers.

Friday, the family of Billy Ray Evans asked the NAACP for help finding out how he died. Evans died last month, a few hours after being arrested on domestic abuse charges.

The Evans Family stood side by side with the family of Jesse Hubbard, who was found dead at the jail earlier this year. The coroner ruled that the deaths were suicides. Both families said the Moss Point Police should be held responsible.

"We want something done about Moss Point, and we want everybody be taken care of down there. We do not want them to be killed," Evans' mother, Martha Boutwell, said.

"I said, 'Lord, there goes another life taken. It did not have to be like this, you know. All we want is justice. We do not want this to happen to another family. They think they are getting away with something, but they are not getting away with nothing," Jesse Hubbard's widow, Marylin Hubbard, said.

The head of the Jackson County NAACP said they will get answers.

"We feel like there is some strong connections between the two - We have the same facility, and some of the same personnel, and some of the same conditions. And so we feel this community deserves some answers... and we need it immediately," NAACP Chapter President Curley Clark said.

Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop would not comment on the issue at this time.