Pakistani Man Claims He Was The Victim of A Hate Crime In Stone County Jail

A civil rights attorney has asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate the assault of a Pakistani man at Stone County jail.

Sheriff Mike Ballard says that Hasnain Javed one was of about a dozen inmates brought in by Immigration and Naturalization Service on Sept. 19th. Ballard says the Javed began making derogatory comments about the United States. The other inmates told him to be quiet, but he continued. Ballard says that's when the other inmates assaulted him. He says when the guards saw what was going on they immediately removed Javed from the cell and he was treated for minor injuries.

A New Orleans civil rights attorney has asked the FBI to investigate the incident as a hate crime. She questions whether the guards did enough to stop the attack which she claims continued 20 minutes after Javed rang an alarm bell.

Javed was taken to New Orleans on Sept. 21st and then released on bond.