Wildfires burning in Canada and northwest US causing hazy skies in South Mississippi

Hazy skies in South Mississippi due to smoke from Wildfires in Canada and Pacific Northwest

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Skies in South Mississippi have been hazy over the past few days due to smoke, high in the atmosphere passing over the region.

The smoke is from wildfires that have been burning for weeks in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

The same weather pattern responsible for bringing South Mississippi slightly cooler mornings and lower humidity is responsible for transporting the smoke all the way down to the Gulf coast.

The jet stream, which is a fast river of air that travels around the globe, has been tracking directly over where the wildfires have been most active. A dip in the jet stream across the Southeast has allowed for the smoke to travel all the way across the county down to the South Mississippi.

No significant health impacts are expected. Those that are extremely sensitive to air pollutants may experience minor breathing problems over the next few days. While the smoke will be a factor in air quality, the main factor will be stagnant air trapping pollutants in areas with a high volume of traffic.

Otherwise, just expect a milky haze in the sky during the day, and vivid orange sunsets in the evening.

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