Naval Oceanography showcases equipment, highlights partnerships

Naval Oceanography showcases equipment, highlights partnerships

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - You may remember us showing you the Naval Oceanography Team's Naval Undersea Warfare Center's annual Advanced Naval Technology Exercise, or ANTX activities.

On Wednesday, Naval Oceanography wrapped up the exercise and highlighted its involvement with industry partners.

Members of the Naval Oceanographic Mine Warfare Center, or NOMWC team and The Navy's Fleet Survey Team (FST) spent the day displaying underwater unmanned vehicles (UUV's) at Gulfport Harbor along with many other Naval Oceanography tools of the trade.

The gathering gave not only Naval Oceanography a chance to showcase its wide array of equipment, but it also served as a chance to highlight work with more than 12 industry partners, like ASV Global.

Another name for deep water mapping and exploration is called bathymetry, which is some of what UUV's were involved with during last week's Advanced Naval Technology, or ANTX exercise.

"We did see some interesting track lines on the bottom of the basin, and what's really neat to us is to see the full picture of what the ground looks like straight down underwater," said Meg Palmsten, Naval Research Center hydrologist.

Palmsten says helps when NOMWC is looking for mines and when Naval Oceanography's weather team puts together surge forecasts for approaching storms.

"We want to make forecasts of surge, or wave height, and all the information about the bathymetry is one of the more important things we need to know," Palmsten added.

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