After wallet gets returned, a Pass man's faith in humanity is restored

After wallet gets returned, a Pass man's faith in humanity is restored

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Your wallet may, single-handedly, be one of the most important things you carry around. It holds your money and personal information. So imagine losing it when it has more than $500 in cash in it.

It's scary to think about.

"You know when you have your wallet and your wallet ain't there and you're like holy smokes," said Earl Breckley, who lost his wallet in Home Depot on Highway 49.

Breckley was comparing the prices of lumber when he set his wallet down to scribble some notes. It didn't take him long to notice it was missing.

"I got to the service desk and there was a guy in front of me and the lady she's talking on the phone, and I'm like 'come on, come on, come on' as the seconds go by," he recalled.

Every second that passed, was another second that his wallet got further away, but someone was looking out for Breckely that day.

"The clerk handed me my wallet back and every dollar was still in there," Breckley said.

To be exact, all $600 was still in there. He says he carries a large amount because he has to buy expensive equipment for his business.

His cards and his money were safe, his nerves were calmed, and he found that his faith in humanity was restored.

"I just thank the Lord it was still in there and that there are still good people out there."

He is just disappointed that he never got to thank whoever returned his wallet.

"I just want to tell them thank you and I appreciate it and you know...I'd do it for somebody too."

Now he double, triple, and quadruple checks to make sure his wallet is always where it needs to be. And yes, he still carries cash in it.

"I still keep it in my wallet. I got money in my wallet now...not that much but I still do."

Breckley hopes that his close encounter will encourage other people who hear his story to pay it forward and do the right thing when confronted with temptation.

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