Moss Point seeks to cut 4 positions, increase salaries

City of Moss Point seeks to cut 4 positions, increase salaries

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The mayor of Moss Point presented a plan to cut positions and increase salaries for other city employees during a special called budget meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Mario King presented what he calls the 'lean model' to the board of aldermen, reviewing budgets for the police department, fire department, human resources and executive and legislative positions.

During that meeting, he proposed raising his salary and the salary of board members.

"I tell people all the time, I'm one of the least paid mayors in this form of government. I run the city, and so I wanted a raise when I first came in. But I wanted to see where we were," King told WLOX News Now, "and so I think now is the time to do that. And I don't want the board to be ashamed of looking at their salaries either. I put them on committees. I let them lead different programs. They've been very involved, and so we need to be able to compensate people."

He also told WLOX four non-essential positions will be cut, and they'll be looking at ways to decrease salaries for others.

"So, the goal is to look at four non-essential positions, and we're going to remove those positions, but also looking at some positions that aren't doing as much, and decreasing the salary on those positions, and dividing and conquering as well," King said.

King said he intends to "pay people what they're worth," and mentioned raising salaries for employees to match those in similar positions along the Coast.

"We're looking at across the board, how much a HR director make across the board, in our region. So, the Coast region, a little bit of Mobile, and we're completely out of line with that. So, we want to bring those salaries up and pay people what they're worth," he said.

The board went into executive session following Tuesday night's board meeting. King said he plans to Facebook Live any updates regarding decisions on the budget discussion.

A budget hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

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