American folk artist's work displayed in Bay St. Louis train depot

American folk artist's work displayed in Bay St. Louis train depot

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Two historic structures, the L&N train depot and a little blue house on Bookter Street, come together to tell an artful story. The unmistakable folk art of Alice Moseley is on display at the depot.

Moseley lived in the blue cottage where she produced the paintings. The museum has moved the actual furnishings inside the building to give a personal touch to the Alice Mosley tale.

"We have taken a little bit of her home and brought it into the museum, We want to introduce people to her world. People can feel right at home," said Shannon Wooten.

Alice Moseley's history is unique. She didn't start painting until she was 65 years old. The subjects and scenery in her folk art are Southern and rural with an emphasis on small town, USA.

The pieces have a whimsical quality.

"Her characterizations, the people, and the animals all have their own personality. It's storybook, cartoonish, childlike. No matter what you see in the art, you see the story," Wooten said.

On August 18, the L&N Depot in Bay St. Louis will host the first ever Alice Moseley Fun Festival. There will be music, food and of course a celebration of the life and art of Alice Moseley.

Folk art is experiencing a bit of a renaissance today. Older collectors can relate to the spirit of the art, but an interesting thing is happening. In this fast-paced world, younger folks who might be looking for something simpler to connect to are discovering this work.

Check out the Alice Moseley Art and Antique Museum inside the L&N Depot in Bay St. Louis, or learn more online at

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