Gulfport coaches called heroes after helping accident victim

Gulfport coaches called heroes after helping accident victim

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - When a group of Gulfport High School coaches found themselves in the middle of an emergency situation, without hesitation, they went to work.

"That's what we preach around here about making the right decisions and being in the right place at the right time, and God will take everything else," said Gulfport Head Football Coach John Archie.

Archie and all his assistant coaches were on the way to Mobile for a clinic earlier this week when they saw a potential tragedy unfolding before their eyes.

While driving on I-10 they saw a vehicle lose control and flip into the median. 

"When we saw it, we knew we had to get out and help," Archie said. 

One of the coaches called 911 while others helped the woman get out of her SUV. Another woman Brandy Luckey also saw the wreck and watched the coaches move into action. She posted on Facebook and described the coaches as angels among us for how they comforted the lady involved in the crash. 

"We started a prayer with her just to keep her calm until help arrived," said Archie. "I had never seen an accident like that. So, our main concern was getting her out of the vehicle, and when she kept complaining about everything was hurting we just wanted to get her out of the vehicle and to safety in one of our vehicles."

The prayer for safety worked like Archie hoped it would. 

"As soon as we started the prayer she started calming down," he said.

Not long after emergency responders arrived, the lady was reported okay.

The Facebook post, bringing attention to the coaches, has been shared more than 1,200 times. Archie says they didn't do it for attention, but he does hope his football team takes notice.

"By us doing this, that will help get our athletes to keep buying into making the right decisions and being superior citizens in society," he explained.

The coaches actually didn't even get the lady in the wreck's name, but Archie said they will keep praying for her health and well-being.

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