Sheriff: Tips led to capture of escaped murderer in St. Martin

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A manhunt finally ended after days on the streets and hundreds of calls and messages from concerned citizens claiming they'd spotted convicted murderer Michael Floyd Wilson. He was on the run for 72 hours before authorities tracked him down in Jackson County. Law enforcement says tips from the public played a role in putting Pretty Boy Floyd back behind bars.

"Social media seems to be the fastest way to communicate these days," said Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell.

Wilson may have had the sweet taste of freedom for a few days, but now he's sitting in a jail cell. That's thanks, in part, to people across the coast following the jailbreak.

"People were talking and very concerned about this. Anytime you have something like this going on in your community, you certainly want to know about it," the sheriff said.

Wilson escaped from Southern Mississippi Correctional Institute in Leakesville on July 5 by climbing over a fence. He escaped lock up but couldn't escape the internet.

Mugshot after mugshot hit the world wide web. Law enforcement agencies were flooded with tips.

"We had a number of folks over the weekend that called in and had seen something, saw something on social media, so spread the word. That kind of thing," Sheriff Ezell said. "For the most part, we had good information."

Back in 2015, Wilson got two life sentences for beating two men to death in 2014. He spent four years behind bars before plotting his escape.

Sheriff Ezell said he wants to hear from people who have credible evidence in any case, whether it comes from a phone call or a social media post.

"I encourage them to use it wisely. A lot of times when things like this are going on in the heat of the moment, people will say things, and they'll get taken out of context. And the first things you've got a war going on on social media that we don't want. Anytime that things are not flowing correctly, the bad guy wins," he said.

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