Human bones found on Hwy. 90 stem from old grave site

Human bones found on Hwy. 90 stem from old grave site
Officials say the bones come from old grave sites that were eventually paved over. (Photo Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Imagine digging at a construction site and finding human bones. That's what happened over the weekend on Highway 90, just south of the Biloxi Cemetery.

The explanation for the gravely finding is simple.

"What we uncovered last week is what we believe is some of the previous grave sites from generations ago," said Vincent Creel, City of Biloxi public relations manager. "Back in those days, they were buried in wooden coffins, and those wooden coffins over the years disintegrate and the grave markers are lost due to hurricanes over the years.

Add that in with progress, which included a two-lane road that eventually became Highway 90, and the mystery becomes slightly clearer.

"When they recovered those human remains, they stopped work, and we notified the Harrison County Coroner, we notified the Biloxi Police Department, and we also notified the Miss. Dept of Archives and History," Creel added.

Currently the bones are being identified by the county's coroner.

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