Spring Break comes to an end in Biloxi

Spring Break comes to an end in Biloxi
Spring Breakers exit the parking lot of the Coliseum on the final day of Spring Break.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Another year is in the books for the 2018 spring break weekend.

Now that life for the coast's residents is returning to normal, the spring breakers are disappointed to see it end, but they're already saving next year's date on their calendar.

"Oh I'm coming back live in the mix, for sure. We coming back," said a spring breaker. "Biloxi, it was a nice little view," added another spring breaker.

Despite Saturday's severe weather, the events at the Coliseum still managed to triumph over the storm, leaving the organizers pleased with the turn out from the turn up.

"Basically there were more parties and more things going on, a lot of different promoters and individuals getting involved to make this a much bigger event," said Derrian Burns, a Spring break organizer.

Just down the highway, the Command Center at Edgewater Mall was being broken down slowly over the course of the day. Emergency responders say they were ready to head home, but they were still satisfied with the job they did.

"For the most part everything has gone well. We've had no one hurt, policeman or festival-goers," said Biloxi Police Chief John Miller. "Everything's been smooth there. For the most part when we ask someone to do something, they're doing it, so I feel pretty happy up to this point with everything."

People working at the bars and clubs that chose to stay open to host the crowds were also pleased.

"It was a good weekend, I think overall it's good.  I think business wise, hotels, the service industry wise it does bring in business," said Tracey Stahl, a bartender at The Sandbar in Biloxi.

That was the general feeling from most people in the area. "If you missed out on it this year, you need to be here next year because it's going to be even greater," shouted one spring break vendor at the Coliseum.

Traffic along Highway 90 was restored to four lanes after 9:30 p.m. Sunday night.

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