United Dixie White Knights admit to sending video to MS Rising Coalition

This is a screenshot of a video allegedly posted by a Mississippi branch of the KKK. The video...
This is a screenshot of a video allegedly posted by a Mississippi branch of the KKK. The video was sent to Mississippi Rising Coalition, who held a press conference Wednesday to discuss it. (Source: YouTube)
Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 4:08 PM CDT|Updated: Mar. 28, 2018 at 5:01 PM CDT
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OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - A video released by the Ku Klux Klan has members of the NAACP and Mississippi Rising Coalition concerned about a rise in racism in South Mississippi.

According to Mississippi Rising, the group received a link to a ten-minute YouTube video posted by United Dixie White Knights. The video, which was posted Sunday, was removed from YouTube Wednesday morning. United Dixie White Knights admitted to sending the video and promised more in an email.

Yes, we put out the video and whether the Communist anti first amendment folks at You Tube like it or not, more are coming. We opened multiple accounts way back to defeat their censorship to open up when we feel the need speak. A massive flier campaign will begin this spring in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. As those areas are UDWK country. Any scoundral of a politician who feels like going against the voters of Mississippi in regards to our State flag, Well we welcome them to step up to the plate so we can shine a bright spotlight upon their heads.

Phillip Gunn is high upon our list of turncoats who chose to stab Mississippi voters in the back because he lusts for National politics. He will soon regret this decision. Our Jackson, Ms Klavern is one of the largest Ku Klux Klaverns in this country and I have given them orders to blanket Gunns district with fliers meant to awaken the White sheep to his actions.

The Mississippi Rising Coalition is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme set up to bilk the mentally ill Homosexual crowd of it's money. Lea and that bunch and it's out of state financing are nothing but puppets for the likes of George Soros and Hollywood. A year long investigation into this bunch has brought many interesting things to light. They will have the spotlight of truth shined upon them when we are done.

White Mississippians believe in God and will never ever piss upon our ancestors graves in regards to our State flag. Now as we all can see the New World Order plan to take away our Second Amendment so they can put the final nail in America's coffin is being started. We will never give up our guns as history shows us Genocide soon follows.

These sheep who are marching do not understand the consequences of their actions. Their actions will lead to revolution and our rivers will flow with the blood of tyrants, puppets and fools as White Mississippians have never bowed down to those who seek to destroy us and by God we are not starting now.

We will fight to the bitter end and if anyone doubts that the real Ku Klux Klan are not fighters they better examine our history. Don't let these imposters the false Jews train on TV fool you, we are alive and well and are larger than we have been in years. We have learned from past mistakes and have learned the way our enemies operate. We work silently now as we were intended to be. We are working behind the scenes on many political fronts and have eyes and ears everywhere. The MRC is a wealth of info and were easily infiltrated. We see clearly who are pulling these degenerates strings.

I strongly warn our politicians not to bow down to outside political powers and the New World Order agenda especially in regards to our Second Amendment, as if they do, we are coming for their " political" heads. A war is on for our very way of life and possibly the soil under our feet. It will be stained red with blood before we ever surrender or retreat.

Non Silba Sed Anthar

Imperial Wizard Waller


You have my permission to quote anything you wish. We do not do interviews as the press is often used by the enemies of the American Republic.

WLOX News received a copy of the video, which showed a series of still photos, including one showing six men standing in front of a burning cross, all wearing hoods and robes.

Mississippi Rising held a news conference Wednesday in front of Ocean Springs City Hall to discuss the video which directly addresses MRC President Lea Campbell and vows to fight efforts to remove "our flag."

Campbell said, "We believe you sent this to us with the intent, not only to intimidate but in the hopes that we would react publicly. You get your wish. We are eager to confront you, your hateful bigotry, white supremacy and your allies publicly."

The man speaking in the KKK video identified himself as "Reverend Smith" and said that his message was not a physical threat.

"Y'all aren't going to take down our flag. We gonna fight," said Rev. Smith. "This ain't no threat, nothing physical but we gonna fight through the court system. We gonna fight through the legal way, the proper way."

Jackson County NAACP President Curley Clark told WLOX News Now the video is a form of intimidation.

"I think that we have to be on guard because it may not have been intended to be a threat but there may be some weak-minded individuals out there who may be emboldened by what they've put out there and that may lead to violent actions and that's what we are afraid of," said Clark.

According to Clark, that's the kind of hate action he has feared with the ongoing battle over the Confederate emblem on the state flag.

"We are concerned, very concerned," said Clark. "We feel like (the video) is a validation of our concern about the possible increase in hate initiatives as a result of the board's position to put the flag back up in Ocean Springs."

The groups who have been fighting to remove the state flag, which is once again flying over Ocean Springs City Hall after being taken down by Mayor Shea Dobson. The board of aldermen later voted to put the flag back up.

Clark continued: "It's appalling, very appalling. We feel like the action that the mayor and board took would embolden these hate groups and it appears it has come to fruition."

"The issue is, by the mayor and board taking the position on the flag they took, we are seeing a resurgence of hate groups," said Clark. "We are fearful that more of these actions will encourage right-wing hate groups to come forward."

Mayor Dobson told WLOX News Now he did not want to comment on the KKK video.

The video has since been removed from YouTube by Youtube

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