Parents express concern following threat at Biloxi High School

Parents express concern following threat at Biloxi High School
Many are pushing for policy to deal with threats made in schools. (Photo Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Parents are raising concerns over a threat made by a student at Biloxi High School.

Biloxi school parents are organizing a protest calling for the end of violence in schools.

Organizers say those concerned with student safety are invited to take part in the peaceful protest on Friday from 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. outside the Biloxi Public School District Office.

Katie Fulmer, the parent of a Biloxi High student said she was alarmed to hear about an incident last month at the high school.

According to Fulmer, a student told others in a classroom he was going to shoot up the school.

After administrators learned about the statement, Fulmer said the student who made the threat was suspended. When he came back, she says, he made another threat directed at a specific student.

Fulmer is now asking for more action to be taken when threats are made.

"With a school shooting threat regardless of if the kid meant it as a joke or not the threat is still very real to the victims that heard it," Fulmer said. "That should be grounds for immediate expulsion. In order for the student to come back to school the following year, an assessment needs to be made for behavioral analysis, anger management and honestly I think a psychological exam would be of benefit."

President of the Biloxi NAACP James Crowell spoke on behalf of the student who the alleged threat was directed at.

Crowell said he would like to see school districts around the area work together on a policy to deal with threats made in schools.

"We need to let these children know in the schools that these matters are going to be taken seriously." Crowell said. "We want to make sure that we have policies and procedures that we can follow, that are uniform across the Coast in terms of how we handle these situations."

The Biloxi School District sent the following statement to WLOX regarding the district's policy dealing with threats in school.

We are appreciative when threats to school safety are brought to our attention by concerned students, parents or community members. When this happens, the threat is investigated and if warranted the students are disciplined and information is forwarded to the proper authorities. From the Superintendent down, we have our own children in Biloxi schools. We are protecting all of our students as if they are our own. We understand that Because school safety is a priority we take all threats seriously and we have taken steps to ensure student and staff safety. Furthermore, we are constantly monitoring and evaluating what Biloxi Public Schools can do to improve school safety while maintaining our pursuit toward academic excellence.

For more information about the demonstration, visit the "Biloxi Public School Peaceful Protest" Facebook page.

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