Pickleball in Biloxi! New storage shed built for supplies

Pickleball in Biloxi! New storage shed built for supplies
Military veterans line up for a photo while playing Pickleball in Biloxi (photo credit: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Active duty and military veterans laced up their work boots Saturday to construct a storage shed for pickleball supplies at the Biloxi Sports Complex.

The popular game is similar to tennis, where players use paddles to hit a plastic ball over a net.

Armed service veterans and active duty U.S. Air Force members spent their Saturday morning constructing the shed and playing a little ball. And if you're wondering... there's no age limit!

"It's a good workout, aerobic, and also hand-eye coordination. I notice I can even drive at my age a lot better. My peripheral vision, my overall vision has improved just by keeping an eye on the ball when you play this sport," U.S. Army veteran Lee Tagai said. "There are people out here that are 84-years-old that are playing. I hope to get there and maybe surpass that."

Home Depot's Biloxi store donated all the materials for the shed.

Pickleball is open to anyone, any age! They play five days a week at the sports complex near the Margaret Sherry Library on Popps Ferry Road.

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