Restoration project bringing centuries old home back to life in Bay St. Louis

Updated: Feb. 20, 2018 at 9:55 PM CST
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BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - If you drive along the waterfront in old time Bay St. Louis, you'll see a lot of history.

With a closer look, you may find one hidden gem: a unique house filled with incredible history.

The unassuming home has outlasted father time for nearly 300 years, and now, thanks to Raimee Marmillion Jordan, along with contractor Marty Favre and designer Judy Jordan, it is coming back to life.

"I renovated it once, before Katrina, but it was just that, a renovation," said Marmillion Jordan. "And it just never felt like home."

Marmillion Jordan bought the home five years before Hurricane Katrina, but after the storm, she decided it was time to make a change.

"Katrina came along and pretty much took out the inside, a dormer on the top but I feel like it gave me the opportunity to see the house naked which gave me a whole different concept about what she is and what she means now to this community," she said.

She found Marty Favre and together, they began researching the history of the home in order to restore it with as much material from the period of the home's construction as possible. "It's been quite important for me to do that because I think, I'm the ambassador for this home," she said.

Some of the materials were taken from the home, then reused, others they found in places like a schoolhouse in Louisiana.

"That school was 300 years old, it was a girls boarding school and a company was demolishing it and so I bought the whole lot so that I would have all the materials, the timber to put this house back to her original beauty," Marmillion Jordan said.

While the home means a lot to Marmillion Jordan, Favre as the contractor also has a personal stake in this restoration.

"Marty as well feels as though his daily work and craftsmanship means a lot to him because we found in court records that one of his family members once owned this house," she said.

Though Favre admits, not everything is original to the home.

"Now we did some modern modifications, like the stairwell, for instance, originally they had a ladder because there was no real living area upstairs, per se, it was all just storage," Favre said. "We moved back the walls and added the stairs because the upstairs is going to be another living area."

Raimee believes those additions will allow future owners of the home to enjoy its beauty as she does.

"Hopefully, the work that I've done and the time and love that we've put into it, we'll be able to enjoy it for ourselves, for our family and our friends, and the city of Bay St. Louis," she said. "I think she's a treasure and I think hopefully there will be another 300 years that owners will be able to stand here and look out to the bay and enjoy her."

Marmillion Jordan hopes to have the restoration completed by Summer.

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