Unfinished grave site leaves Jackson County family devastated

Unfinished grave site leaves Jackson County family devastated

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Two Jackson County sisters are still grieving more than a month after burying their beloved mother.

McKinnon and sister, Becky Brown, buried their mother, Fannie Lou Brown, on Dec. 23.

It's taken that long to finally cover Fannie Lou Brown's grave site.

Daughter Laree Brown McKinnon first saw the mess when she visited the grave site on her mother's birthday, six weeks after she was buried.

"The dirt was still just like it was I guess the day they buried her," she said. "But we didn't see that – that's how messy it was -  mounds and tracks and gaping holes under headstones."

It put her in shock.

"I just got in my car and called my husband. It's very unsettling. … She was a wonderful woman. Anybody who knew her loved her. And I felt responsible."

"We paid $1,980 for it to be done that day," Brown said. "And it did not get done."

Brown has been fighting to have the owner of Jackson County Memorial Park Cemetery, Terry Tudor, to finish the work.

"You could see down into the grave site," Brown added. "And it was very disturbing."

WLOX News Now reached Tudor by phone. He said he has wanted to finish the work, but soft ground from heavy rains would not support the equipment.

Within the last couple of days, someone has come to fill the grave site. But relatives say that's not good enough, and the emotional damage has already been done.

"I want it to be like it should be," McKinnon said. "That's the least he could do is make the mound, and straighten the dirt, and rake and make it decent. She deserves that."

Brown said the ordeal has been hard to take for the family.

"It just hurts," she said. "It hurts really bad."

The family said they have considered taking legal action, but have not yet made a decision.

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