Councilman hosts meeting with Biloxi residents on city's Spring Break plans

Councilman hosts meeting with Biloxi residents on city's Spring Break plans

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A room full of residents turned out to hear the city of Biloxi's plan following a 2017 spring break that saw nearly three days of gridlock on Hwy. 90.

"I think just the preparation, like Chief Miller said, last year was a little late to try to institute any plan," said Biloxi resident Stacy Spradlin.

Biloxi Police Chief Jon Miller laid out the full plan for the room: bringing Hwy. 90 down to two lanes, with the middle lanes open for emergency vehicles only, and instituting a "venting" option when the highway becomes too congested.

Miller also discussed the plan to hire 80 temporary officers to alleviate the strain put on the existing force in the city.

Spradlin hopes this plan will help fix some of last year's issues.

"If there's a real crime or a real medical emergency, then I think this venting plan and the way they're setting up the lanes will work," she said.

Donna Benard says even though she understands the issues that come with an event like spring break, she hopes to see more action regarding police patrols and enforcement of laws.

"Now, the follow through has to be the key, of course, because we want to be able to go outside of our houses," Benard stated.

She continued, "Look, I have no problem with people coming to party and enjoy the coast. The coast is beautiful, you should enjoy it, every minute of it. But I do have a problem when the trash is all left behind. "

Ward 5 councilman Paul Tisdale organized tonight's meeting.

He says he has heard the issues raised by residents, and hopes they will be patient with the city's plan and with spring break itself.

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