Boil water notices lifted in Waveland, Bay St. Louis

Boil water notices lifted in Waveland, Bay St. Louis

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - The citywide boil water notices for Waveland and Bay St. Louis have been lifted. Tuesday's order came after the hard freeze caused water systems to lose pressure overnight in both cities.

Director of Waveland Public Works Brent Anderson said the development took his department by surprise.

"We thought we had all procedures in place. We had our heating strips to try to prevent this. Obviously with this cold of temperatures that just wasn't enough," said Anderson.

A control panel on the water tower property communicates with the wells that supply the water. That panel froze. Anderson said there are plans in the works to keep this from happening again. That could include building an insulated structure around the panel.

The loss in pressure caused a boil water notice to be issued. For residents and business owners, this can be a pain.

Richard Santiago, the owner of J's restaurant, said his customers aren't usually phased when something like this happens.

"They're real patient with us. They understand. They're under a boil water notice too at home so they completely understand," said Santiago.

He and other restaurant owners, like John "Chappy" Chapman at the Rum Kitchen have precautions in place, like extra ice and bottled water that will help them make it through.

"Every now and then stuff happens. That's the oldest t-shirt they got. The long and short of it, I'm sure it will be short-lived," said Chappy.

Many residents are also prepared for making it through the notice. Sue Chamberlain in Bay Saint Louis isn't worried about having clean water.

"We've always had Kentwood probably since before Katrina. Then after Katrina it was really handy having Kentwood so we just stayed with them," said Chamberlain.

Again, the boil water notice in both cities has been lifted, and the water is safe to drink.

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