Shepherd of the Gulf in need of help feeding and keeping people warm

Shepherd of the Gulf in need of help feeding and keeping people warm

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Shepherd of the Gulf has been busy helping to keep people warm during the cold snap. On Monday, the non-profit organization was out in Biloxi handing out meals and warm weather gear to the homeless.

The founder of the organization, Lynda Favre, fears the long period of bitter cold could kill.

"When it drops a day or two that's ok," she said. "I know they can deal with it, but this is all week long I'm seeing. I'm afraid I'm going to find somebody frozen to death because of hypothermia. That's the one thing the Lord has blessed me with, that's my biggest fear is to walk into a camp and find somebody dead."

It's for that reason that Favre and two other volunteers have been out in the cold weather this week trying to meet the most immediate needs of those without a warm place to stay.

"We are going out to the camps, finding the campers that have not gone out to the shelters in this cold freezing, frigid weather and we're 
bringing them hot food," said Favre.

Favre said some of the people she's serving said they were turned away from cold weather shelters already filled to capacity. She also said some didn't have a way to get to the shelters. Favre handed out homemade soup, blankets, candles, and even shoes.

"Let me remind people the holidays are over as far as Thanksgiving and Christmas but still, we need to give throughout the year," said Favre. "Not just be giving during the holidays."

But food and warm blankets aren't all Shepherd of the Gulf are giving out. They are also praying.

"I'm hoping this year, times are gonna change," said Favre. "It feels good. I'm hoping these people are gonna get into housing. They are gonna get a foot up."

For the duration of the freezing conditions this week, Favre plans on going out each evening to hand out food and anything she can to keep people warm.

"Keep these people warm and fed," said Favre. "And that's energy and that's my goal - to keep them warm and safe."

For anyone else who wants to help, Shepherd of the Gulf is taking donations of hot meals, blankets, jackets, gloves, shoes, candles and portable food warming fuels like Sterno. Favre also needs help fixing her van to help deliver the donations to the homeless.

To learn more on how to help, you can message her on Facebook or call her at 228-229-8980.

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