Ocean Springs Hospital first in the U.S. to use new technology

Ocean Springs Hospital first in the U.S. to use new technology

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - New software in medicine is being recognized as essential to the next generation of operating room safety and efficiency.

Singing River Health System's Ocean Springs Hospital is the first hospital  in the United States to try it out.

This software equipment, named the OR Cockpit, monitors all facets of an operating room during surgery. It is already being used extensively in Europe and now is making its way into the United States market.

The developers were on site at Ocean Springs Hospital to share their vision for the future.

All of the surgical suites at Ocean Springs Hospital are now equipped with the OR cockpit, a revolutionary dashboard of computer technology that developers say puts patient safety in the forefront.

The OR Cockpit was developed in the Netherlands by the company, New Compliance.

The managing director, Menno Van Rossum says, "It sounds cliche, but it really does help save lives and make stress among caregivers much lower."

Van Rossum says they're happy to have the OR Cockpit's U.S. debut in Ocean Springs. "We came down here and immediately clicked. They saw what we were doing and embraced the system, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity," said Rossum.

The system ties into the hospital's electronic medical records data and uses giant touchscreens, air quality monitors, timers and electronic checklists to provide constant feedback to the OR team. It has been in use for several weeks now in Ocean Springs.

So far, Orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Drake, MD, likes what he sees. "It helps the efficiency in the OR but is also very good for patient safety," he said, also mentioning the patient detail it provides in real time makes a notable difference.

He noted, "The surgical suite is really busy and I can look over at the screen for critical patient information.  I don't have to ask anyone. I see it."

New Compliance partnered with Skytron for U.S. distribution of the OR Cockpit.

Jennifer Daniel, product manager, says safety and efficiency are the keys. "It allows the staff to make real time decisions based on real time information."

Developers hope that this test site at Ocean Springs Hospital will be just the beginning for the United States.

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