Shea Dobson's Facebook post stirs debate

Updated: Nov. 5, 2017 at 8:16 PM CST
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OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Two hours after posting a picture from the Peter Anderson festival the Ocean Springs Mayor, Shea Dobson, was back on Facebook to post about President Obama and fascism.

"If you spent the past eight years making excuses for Obama killing innocent kids with drones, spying on American citizens, and bragging about his pen and phone/executive overreach maybe you shouldn't be lecturing people on resisting fascism," read the post.

It wasn't clear what prompted the comment, but it caught a lot of attention. The post was shared 21 times and has received more than 200 reactions.

One user replied, "Yikes, what's being served at the Festival? This weekend of all weekends can you just play nice and be warm, welcoming hosts to our 150,000 guests and not sound so divisive and polarizing."

Other users seemed to agree with Dobson, saying, "Nice to have honesty from a politician" and "See why this guy is not only #MyFavoriteMayor but also  #MyFavoritePolitican

WLOX News Now reached out to Mayor Dobson over the phone, he didn't feel it was necessary to explain himself or take back the post. Dobson says what he wrote wasn't factually untrue, and he doesn't believe that people are going to stop visiting Ocean Springs because of it.

One user suggested Dobson look up the definition of fascism, but, the mayor is sticking to his guns saying his post hadn't been disproven.

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