Harrison County neighborhood has close call with 15 rescues

Harrison County neighborhood has close call with 15 rescues

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Sunday afternoon, flood waters came dangerously close for residents in the Pebble Creek neighborhood.

After frightened neighbors pleaded for help, rescuers set out on a mission to get them to safety. It was a long, frightening day for Melissa Richardson.

"I've been up since 5 o'clock this morning," she said. "I've been watching the rain continuously."

But, help came quickly and in full force.

"They're concerned about the flooding about the water moving in," said Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan. "We're sending in specialized response crews because there's some swift water that's moving through at the bridge."

The Gulfport Fire Department's swift water team brought in its rescue boat. In addition, the Harrison County Fire Service and the Harrison County Sheriff's Department assisted in the rescues.

In all, 15 people - adults and children - were pulled to safety.

"I'm glad my son's not here," Richardson said. "He's scared of the water and the rain."

The neighborhood is prone to flooding. Although no homes were flooded on Sunday, residents say it's time to do something about it.

"If it's a bad rain, we get flooded out back here. We always stay flooded. This is not the first time we've seen the rain and it won't be the last," Richardson added. "If we could, could we get some assistance back here with some drain holes because we have a lot of innocent kids staying on the block and we need some help back here."

But, even then, it took some by surprise, including Shena Henson, who was caring for her four children and a niece.

"I just wasn't expecting this," Henson said. "I expected a storm but I didn't know it was going to get this bad this quick, so it kind of snuck up on me."

She noticed the water rising earlier in the morning, but not soon enough.

"It was about 9:30 - 10 o'clock when it was basically too late to get out," Henson noted. "I didn't know it was raining that hard."

Her advice: Keep up with the weather.

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