Pascagoula fire teams rescue people from rising waters

Pascagoula fire teams rescue people from rising waters

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The rain fell overnight. The water quickly filled Pascagoula streets. The city's fire chief Donnie Carlson got up, headed to work , saw waist high water on Market Street, and thought, "This ain't good."

Cars around town got swallowed up by swift moving current. Flood waters encircled homes. Pascagoula's fire department deployed its high water truck and rescued people from the water. Some of the people trapped by the flood waters were at two different properties on Tupelo Avenue. Others got stranded in their cars when water got too high on Chicot Street. The fire chief says his rescue crews took most of the flood victims to the Pascagoula Police Department. One woman with an injured foot had to be carried out of her home and taken to the hospital.

Six inches of rain fell in Pascagoula between midnight and 2:00 a.m. "We've been prepared for it for the past week," Chief Carlson said. Trees toppled over. One crashed into a home. Streets became impassable.

Pascagoula firemen spent a week reviewing their water rescue plans for emergencies like this. Still, because of where Harvey was, the chief admits the overnight rains came as a bit of a surprise. "We never really thought even these feeder bands would put us in a plan of water rescues," he said.

By daybreak, all Pascagoula roads were open.

Pascagoula police say one person suffered an injury. Everyone else safely splashed out of the flood waters.

Moss Point also had a water rescue overnight. Three people got pulled from a flooded home on Rose Drive.

Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall west of Cameron, LA at about the same time the overnight rains soaked Pascagoula. The Jackson County storm was the direct result of Harvey.

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