Overnight storms rip through Pascagoula

Overnight storms rip through Pascagoula

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - A powerful storm ripped through Pascagoula in the overnight hours, including a possible tornado, leaving behind wind and water damage.

There's no doubting the fury of the storm as chainsaws whir, and shovels pile up debris. Trees are down, street signs snapped, and mailboxes bent.

On Canal Street, debris is everywhere. Two large trees landed on two houses, damaging one badly, as well as a new car.

"I was only hopeful that it had not pierced the roof, but I knew it was just a matter of time and when I went back inside I discovered that was the case," Janet Krebs said. "It had pierced the roof in a couple of rooms."

The sound of the storm was unforgettable for Daniel Kimball.

"Just tons of lighting and thundering, constantly loud booms. Heard one loud crash around 2:03 and that was it," Kimball recalled.

Using a high water vehicle, firefighters were able to rescue 11 people.

"I got with all the shifts and we started coming up with a plan on who was going to drive the truck, make sure the truck was operational, how we were going to get people in and out of the vehicle. We've actually been planning for a couple of weeks now," Chief Donnie Carlson said.

Highway 90 was closed for two hours because of flooding, and a convenience store took on water.

"There was a lot of water that was almost coming inside the store and we had to work, me and my brother. He was at one door, I was at the other one, and we worked to get the water out," said manager Muneer Saeed.

While the storm was gain strength around 1:50 in the morning, people who live on Canal Street in Pascagoula knew it was time to take action.

One side of Tyler Mackie's home was crushed. "When I cracked the door, the door busted open. It sounded like a freight train coming through, so I hollered at my girlfriend and told her to get the dogs," said Tyler Mackie. "We went into the bathroom and the next thing we know, we heard a loud bang and the tree came through the roof."

Fortunately, no one was injured.

As much as six inches of rain fell on the city in a two-hour period, forcing the closing of Hwy. 90 between Market St. and Pascagoula St. City officials estimate that it will take a couple of days to finish cleaning up the mess left behind by the storm.

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