Moran proud of accomplishments, angry at campaign tactics

Moran proud of accomplishments, angry at campaign tactics

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It's been less than a week since Connie Moran lost her bid for her fourth term as mayor of Ocean Springs.

And while she has accepted the decision, she still has a lot to say about what happened during her campaign and what she plans to do next.

While campaign signs on her front porch are now destined for the dumpster, Moran says she'll hold on to her accomplishments during her 12 years as Ocean Springs mayor.

"I fought for things that I felt in my heart were the right things to do for the long run,"Moran said. "Like fighting for the bridge and the walkway, the improvements on front beach, public access to the waterfront. New sidewalks and connectivity through downtown and all the way to the east end of the town."

She says the developments have done what they were supposed to.

"It has fostered economic development and beautification. The green brings the green; and it creates jobs," said Moran.

But, she won't soon forget the campaign against her, which she says included false statements, rumors, intimidating emails, and even drive-by taunts.

"I'm sure it probably convinced some people that made them question my character," Moran said. "In fact, there's enough there for a defamation of character lawsuit."

Moran says it was all part of what she calls a Trump tidal wave that has reached local politics.

"It became more party politics, which I have never really relied on in local elections. I'm not bitter. I didn't want to have to play those tactics. But if that's the name of the game today, I guess maybe that will have to be considered. But that's never been my mantra," noted Moran.

Moran, who is an economic development professional, says she is hopeful for other opportunities.

"I do it all the time to make other developers successful and wealthy, so maybe I have to use my skillset for me for a little while," she added.

Moran's last day in office is June 30.

"I'm going to dust the dust off my shoes and be proud of my accomplishments of my administration and wish the incoming board all the very best," she said.

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