Contract disagreement leaves baseball league without scoreboard

Contract disagreement leaves baseball league without scoreboard
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PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Youth baseball is in full swing across the Coast, but a contract disagreement is leaving some teams in Pascagoula without scoreboards.

Dixie Youth baseball players hit the mounds Tuesday night to practice for upcoming games. But, there's a bit of a problem at the fields.

"They took our control panels so the score boards are useless," said league vice president, Gentry Williams.

By they - Williams means Pepsi.

"For Pepsi to come in and take our control panels, where the kids and the parents don't even know whats going on with the game, it's just unfortunate," Williams said.

It comes after more than 15 years of the league contracting with the soft drink company. In March, the organization decided to make the switch to Coke.

"When we had our meeting in March, he turned around and told us if we did not adhere to them and all of their products, they would take them down," said league president Bob Cochran.

And that's exactly what the soft drink company did. The scoreboards were purchased and owned by Pepsi per a contract signed back in 2012. The problem - that contract is nowhere to be found.

"I've checked all the files, but there's nothing that shows that particular contract," Cochran said.

League officials say Coke agreed to purchase new scoreboards, but that it would take a few weeks.

"Let's work this out all we need is a couple weeks with these scoreboards and then the new ones will come in, but don't punish the kids," Williams said.

A statement from Pepsi said in part:

"We offered to let the league finish out this season as long as they would purchase product from us, but they refused."

Both parties agree that the dispute boils down to business decisions.

"Coca Cola stepped in, they gave us a better deal," Williams said.

While Pepsi maintains that there are no hard feelings, they stand by their decision to not allow the league to use their boards.

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