Hancock County debates privatizing library system

Hancock County debates privatizing library system

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Tensions were high at a board meeting in Hancock County Monday night regarding the library system.

Community members packed the room, many of them expressing outrage about the possibility of the county privatizing the Hancock County Library system.

The system houses five libraries and 26 full time employees. Some believe the privatization would allow an outside company to take over the system, hire their own employees, and depend more on technology than librarians.

Many residents at the board meeting said the library system is just fine and that the privatization would have a negative impact.

"First of all it's a star library. It has 74% participation. If something is not broke, you don't try to fix it, you approve upon it," said Hancock County resident Willie Acker.

Resident Ken Short added, "I think that we should not be messing with it, we shouldn't be trying to sell it to a company out of Pennsylvania. I think we should keep the money in Hancock County where it belongs."

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors said they're only exploring their options with the privatization and will discuss the matter again during the next meeting.

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