Witnesses speak out about vicious pit bull attack

Witnesses speak out about vicious pit bull attack
Bentley was saved from the attack by his 15-year-old brother, Jaxon. (Photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Five-year-old Bentley sat in a lawn chair peering across his grandmothers yard on Shady Lane in Biloxi to the spot where he and his older brother were attacked by a pit bull on Thursday.

"I heard my baby's bones cracking, I seen the inside of his leg," said Destiny Fontan, the aunt of the two boys.

Bentley was bit on the bottom, his foot slashed open, and nipped on his cheek. But, Fontan says her nephew's injuries could have been worse had it not been for the heroism of his 15-year-old brother, Jaxon.

"Jaxon had thrown Bentley onto a garbage can, and the pit bull had latched down on to Jaxon's leg," Fontan said.

First responders and medics say it' the most vicious pit bull attack they've seen.

"My pants from the other night, I have my nephew's blood all over," said Fontan. "This is something none of us will ever forget," said Fontan.

Neighbor Mark Philbrick also witnessed the attack.

"I just picked up a shovel and started hitting the dog. I hit the dog again about two or three more times in the head, and the dog finally went back in the house," said Philbrick.

The shovel used to break up the attack remains in the Biloxi yard.

"It was so very horrific but my nephew Jaxon saved his little brothers life," said Fontan.

Jaxon is recovering at Oschner Medical Center in New Orleans, fighting to keep his legs. His little brother - grateful for his selfishness - has a message for his big brother.

"I already told him, I love him," said Bentley.

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