Copy-Young girls relish chance to see female presidential nominee

PHILADELPHIA (RNN) - When Hillary Clinton becomes the first female presidential nominee of a major party Thursday night, she will become a symbol for young girls across the nation, some of whom will be in the Wells Fargo Center looking on.

Several young boys will be in the crowd as well, but, for the girls, it represents the first time they have tangible evidence the nation's highest job is open to them, too.

"My dad wanted me to experience history," Amelia Gioia, who turned 10 last month, said.

Amelia is the oldest of three girls in her family and her father, Eric, said the image of a female president is one he wants them to see. They came to the Democratic National Convention from New York to see Clinton accept the nomination.

"It's important to me that my daughters know they can grow up to be President of the United States," Eric Gioia said.

Amy Hepburn, of Alexandria, VA, brought her two daughters - Juliette, 12, and Liliana, 10 - along.

"I think it's important for them to get excited about the political process," Hepburn said. "I've always believed you cannot be what you do not see, so I want them to see the first woman candidate for president with their own eyes and experience the excitement around that and their future."

However, Clinton has some competition for their attention. They will have to sit through hours of other speeches before Clinton takes the stage. And there's another famous female headlining Thursday's program.

"Katy Perry is singing tonight," Amelia Gioia said.

When asked about whom she was more excited, she said, "that's tough."

Juliette Hepburn put it at "50-50."

"They were a little flat on Carole King," Amy Hepburn said. "I got Carole King, and they get Katy Perry."

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