New robotic system at Singing River Hospital to cut down operation times; recovery

New robotic system at Singing River Hospital to cut down operation times; recovery
The DaVinci Xi is Singing River Hospitals newest surgical device (Photo Source: WLOX News)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Patients at Singing River Hospital can now see shorter operation times, as well as quicker recovery thanks to a new robotic system.

"The robot has kind of a central station and then protruding from that, four different arms," said urologist Dr. David Spencer Jr.

It's called the DaVinci Xi - and doctors say it's a game changer when it comes to minimally evasive surgery. Dr. Spencer Jr. performed the first procedure with Singing River Hospital's upgraded robotic device.

"The visualization is better. That's gonna help cut down on operative times. The shorter time a patient's in the operating room, the less time they spend in the hospital in post-operative period," said Dr. Spencer.

A typical surgery goes like this:

"The lights start to turn off and the robot, well the unit actually, launches out to where the patient's laying on the table. And then we have a monitor or screen for the assistant that provides help to the surgeon," explained Shannon Barlow, Singing River Hospital's Director of Surgical Operations.

Once the device is set up, the doctor will sit at the physician's console, they'll look through the eyepiece, and then use hand controls and foot petals to operate the robot. And it can be used for a variety of surgeries.

"We do cases through general surgery, gynecology, and urology," said Barlow.

How is this new device different from the previous one?

"Before, you could only work in one quadrant and then have to re-dock the robot and do some other things to be able to do that. Now we can work in multiple quadrants just by moving the robot where it's already docked," said Dr. Spencer.

Doctors say they are excited to offer this device at Singing River Hospital and urge patients to ask if there is an option to have a procedure with the device, if they are in need of surgery.

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