MS teachers learn how to use technology in the classroom

MS teachers learn how to use technology in the classroom

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Teachers are going back to class this week to learn how to use the latest technology to help their students. On Thursday, more than 200 educators from across Mississippi attended Tech Camp.

"It's amazing. I think it's powerful and there are so many good ideas that it changes the way you teach," said Long Beach first-grade teacher Jill Lipski.

Hosted by the Pascagoula-Gautier School District, Lipski and other Mississippi educators are learning about various apps, tools and websites.

"From the time a child is young, they are embraced with technology. So as educators, we have to understand it and we have to know it and feel comfortable with it, so we can help our students," said Eva Harvell, Pascagoula-Gautier Schools Technology Director.

Teachers are learning unusual terms, like Plickers and Flubaroo, and how to take advantage of searches, drones, Photoshop techniques; even social media.

"Being able to reach out to parents in a different way, and also use Twitter as an instructional tool; which I thought was an interesting concept," said Lipski.

The main goal of the camp is for teachers to learn how to grab attention, and make learning fun and interactive. They even had some help from additional 'experts.'

"I did a presentation on how to keep kids engaged in the classroom. I talked about different resources and different ways to do tests and activities," said sixth-grader Emma Harvell. "I get bored really easily, so if I'm doing paper, I'm not going to listen. So I think kids need to have other ways to learn."

Tech Camp continues Friday, the sessions are free to all educators in Mississippi.

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