Gulfport community recovering after unexpected flooding

Gulfport community recovering after unexpected flooding

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Northwood subdivision residents are having a hard time putting the pieces back together after Thursday's flooding took them by surprise.

"Originally we just had rainwater coming down and it was flooding in," said Rebecca Southwood. "The creek behind us started coming up and when it did, it just came over the banks."

Even though some residents have lived in the subdivision for years, they say Thursday's flooding was a first.

"This is the first time for something of this nature. It was quite a devastation. Yesterday, it was a pretty eventful day we had. It was the first time I had ever seen something of this magnitude down here in this area," said Oliver Silas.

Silas was at home when the water started filling the neighborhood, and both of his cars went underwater. He says he had to swim from his driveway to the emergency responder boats that were in the area.

"One thing I can say though, I'm real proud of the police department and the City of Gulfport. I mean, they acted fast," added Silas.

As far as Southwood, a neighbor had to rescue her from her home to safety.

"It was scary, it was really scary. My son was kinda upset about it because we had to leave the house; water was trickling at the time."

The Northwood subdivision has flooded multiple times in the past. Both city officials and residents are looking for ways to lessen the effects of flooding.

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