23-year-old Gulfport man rescues woman from flooding

23-year-old Gulfport man rescues woman from flooding

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The intensity and swiftness of rising water quickly engulfed vehicles and flooded streets on Thursday. Whenever flooding strikes the area, sometimes it takes a hero to save someone.

Luckily, that's exactly what happened on Prudie Circle near Three Rivers Rd. when flood waters almost took a Gulfport woman's life.

Lowell Spiers, 23, says he was outside on his porch drinking coffee when he spotted the woman.

"About 7 o'clock, a lady here tried to go through about four feet of water, and the water actually lifted her car up and put in to where you see it now, "said Spiers.

Spiers says as the car was being away, he took action.

"I noticed the lady was trapped inside and could not get out," said Spiers. "The water was shutting the door on her, so I actually had to swing across the ditch, which was over my head. I made sure no one else was in the vehicle, grabbed her, put her on my back. I was walking on the bottom of the ditch, which I had her up above it, and we finally got to the middle of the road and got her to where you could stand up to get over here.

Spiers actions made sure there wasn't a tragedy on the rain soaked day; one that has caused so much misery along the Coast.

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