East Biloxi used to water woes

East Biloxi used to water woes

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Low lying Hwy. 90 in East Biloxi is notorious for flooding, and Thursday morning was no exception. Drivers were seen following the wakes created by cars ahead of them, trying not to stall.

Biloxi police were busy blocking off the flooded roads, but at times, there were too many areas to keep track of during the flooding.

On Lee St., Sydney Dyche was using a rake to clear out a storm drain.

"And they were coming through with the cars and they were going up into her yard and really making a mess of our street," Dyche said, "A couple of them you could see the smoke coming off the engines because they got the water up into their engines and everything. It was not a good idea to come through flooding like this at all."

Cars driving through the water quickly became a problem for neighbors.

"They were driving in my yard and they were driving very fast through here, which was causing a wake. So I wanted to put a sign like you would see out in the Gulf that says 'No wake,'" said Carol Vaughn, who just moved into her Lee St. home three weeks ago.

Biloxi police saw the problem and took action.

"They finally came to the rescue. The Biloxi Police Department is helping us out, blocking off the street in just the last few minutes," added Vaughn.

The closed portion of Hwy. 90 was re-opened as the water began to recede.

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