Police: No gun found on Harrison Co. school bus

Police: No gun found on Harrison Co. school bus

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Law enforcement officers searched a school bus Tuesday morning after a proactive parent called her child's school fearful that the student may have brought a gun on the bus.

"A parent of a Harrison Central High School student called the school this morning to alert the principal that their child said something about a gun," said Harrison County Schools Superintendent Roy Gill.

Gill said the parent then searched the child for a weapon before allowing him/her on the bus but didn't find anything and let the child ride the bus.

"Mr. Bush went a step further for safety reasons and called police to search the kid," said Gill.

The bus driver stopped near Popeyes on Highway 49.

Gulfport police Sgt. Damon McDaniel said the student was searched and no weapons were found anywhere on the school bus.

Gill told WLOX News Now he wasn't sure what exactly the student said to his parents to cause this alarm but he would be meeting with the student, parents and principal Averie Bush today.

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