Major security improvements coming to Bay High School

Major security improvements coming to Bay High School

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Leaders in the Bay-Waveland School District are implementing security measures at most of its campus as part of a five year school safety plan.

The oldest school in the district, Bay High, was built in the 1960s. It will see the most security upgrades. Superintendent Rebecca Ladner said $2.2 million will be invested in security measures that are designed to protect students and school staff.

The biggest upgrade will come in the form of a new administration building at the front of the Bay High School campus. Ladner said everyone who steps on campus will be forced to enter from that building.

"So you would no longer enter from the back entrance, providing safety, you would enter from the front. You would not be able to access the remainder of the campus unless you were buzzed back into that area by a receptionist," Ladner explained.

Ladner said the goal is to eliminate as many accesses to the campus as possible. She said during the district's last safety audit there were 26 access points on the Bay High campus. Now, there are only two. Ladner said once the new administration building is complete, there will only be one way to get in and out of the school.

"We do have perimeter gates at this time and fencing, and we will extend that around the entire campus. They are brick and iron so it gives a nice appeal and look to the school," said Ladner.

More security cameras will also be added to an already robust system.

"Just about anywhere you are on campus, you are on a security camera," Ladner said. "Our goal is to create the safest building to protect our students and staff."

Additional security measures will be added to other schools within the district. Ladner said contracts to do the work are currently out to bid.

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