State lawmakers call for repeal of HB1523

State lawmakers call for repeal of HB1523

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Several state lawmakers held a news conference on the steps of the Mississippi Capitol on Tuesday to talk about the first step toward repealing the Religious Freedom Accommodations Act. They are calling the effort the Mississippi Economic and Tourism Recovery Act.

Lawmakers in favor of repealing the controversial legislation say they are concerned about the perception of the bill and the way it makes Mississippi look. HB1523 has drawn criticism from across the country since it was signed by Gov. Phil Bryant a week ago.

According to Rep. Jay Hughes, a suspension resolution will have to be filed in the House of Representatives since the deadline to introduce new bills has passed.

Rep. Stephen Holland said Tuesday he is calling on state leaders to give Mississippi a second chance. He said HB1523 is affecting the state's economy and development opportunities.

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