MDEQ: Don't swim in some South Mississippi waters

MDEQ: Don't swim in some South Mississippi waters

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - As we head into spring break weekend, there are still five stretches of water along the Mississippi Gulf Coast that aren't safe for swimming or any other water contact.

The water contact advisories the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality issued earlier remain in effect for Gulfport Central Beach from Alfonso Drive to Arkansas Avenue, Pass Christian West Beach from Fort Henry Avenue to Elliot Street, Buccaneer State Park Beach from 100 yards west of the sign eastward to 100 yards east of the sign, Waveland Beach from Oak Boulevard to Favre Street, and Bay St. Louis Beach from the Box Culvert eastward to Ballantine Street.

Thursday MDEQ lifted the water contact advisory for Gulfport Harbor Beach from 20th eastward to Thornton Avenue, saying that stretch of water is now safe to swim in again.

MDEQ warns if you swim in sections of the Mississippi Sound under water contact advisories, the high bacteria levels mean you have a higher chance of getting sick.

MDEQ will lift the advisories when water samples show that levels are safe for human contact again.

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