Keesler Air Force Base creates more than 100 job openings

Keesler Air Force Base creates more than 100 job openings

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After a few years of  debate, Keesler Air Force Base will soon be hiring more than 100 positions for maintenance squadrons of 10 aircrafts known as Flying Jennies.

The aircrafts stationed at the 403rd Wing were created for hauling soldiers, equipment and anything else that may need to be carried by the military.

Air Force base officials are happy that the aircrafts will remain in Biloxi until they are needed by the military.

"This airplane right here has probably deployed to places like Afghanistan, Iraq, South America and other places around the globe," said 403rd Wing Commander Col. Frank Amodeo.

"There was a move to move the airplanes," explained Amodeo. "When the decision was made that they were going to stay here, there was a follow-on decision that said, 'Hey, look, we have two squadrons out there. We have a weather reconnaissance squadron and we have a tactical airlift squadron.'"

However, air force base officials decided that one tactical airlift squadron wasn't enough and that more hands would be needed to properly service the crafts. The result is a large number of job openings that will allow the base to make up a second tactical airlift squadron.

According to Col. Jaye Johnson, there will be approximately 145 new positions.

"Fifty-five are full-time, or what we call air reserve technicians," said Johnson. "And approximately 90 will be traditional reservist."

Those stationed at Keesler are excited that so much is being done to keep the aircrafts on the coast.

"The planes have been here for several years now," said Amodeo. "I've been the commander here for two-and-half years and they've been here the whole time I've been here."

"This is an opportunity to bring some new jobs and a new outlook to the community of the Gulf Coast," said Johnson.

Positions will be available for both serviceman and civilians. More information can be found on the positions available by visiting the Keesler Air Force Base website.

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