Scott Walker released from prison

Scott Walker released from prison

MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - More than a year after reporting to prison, Scott Walker is now a free man. The Ocean Springs businessman was released from federal custody minutes after 8 a.m. Monday.

In 2014, Scott Walker appeared in a federal courthouse and admitted his role in two illegal schemes.

"It's been a tough 475 days that I wouldn't have made without the support of family, without the support of my wife and my two sons," Walker told WLOX's Rhonda Weidner in an exclusive interview Monday

In recent weeks, pictures of Walker with his wife and sons have popped up on his Facebook page.

Though his official release date from federal custody was March 21st, Walker spent the last 30 days at home in a supervised release program. That gave him a chance to be with his kids.  It gave skeptics to question whether he got off easy.

"Well that's the furthest thing from the truth," Walker said. "It's been so tough to be away from the family, to be away from my sons at ages three and one. Luckily I got to see them every weekend. But the hardest thing about federal prison in Pensacola was watching them leave, and wondering and asking, 'Daddy, why are you not coming home with us?'"

In 2014, federal prosecutors linked Walker to a fraud scheme tied to his father Bill Walker and the Department of Marine Resources, and a conspiracy scheme tied to D'Iberville and its former city manager Michael Janus. The younger Walker received an 18 month prison sentence his role in both crimes.

"From the west wing of the White House where I worked from 2003-2007 to federal prison is a journey and a path that not many people have taken," he conceded.

That fall from grace could become the basis of a book Walker writes. He's been contacted to tell his story. For now, he says he's working in Hattiesburg, and doing whatever he can to reconnect with his children.

Walker's is a story not everyone will want to read. Moments after our televised interview ended, we got a phone call and an email from two people not very happy to see Walker back in the spotlight. The caller questioned why a criminal who stole from taxpayers would be made out to be something great. The emailer said the conversation nauseated him.

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