Pascagoula River continues to rise; residents prepare for flooding

Pascagoula River continues to rise; residents prepare for flooding
Flooding of the Pascagoula river threatens homes in Jackson County (Photo Source: WLOX News)

ESCATAWPA, MS (WLOX) - The heavy rain is gone, but the Pascagoula River continues to rise.

"Every hour it seems like it keeps getting higher and higher. I keep noticing water getting closer, and closer to the front and back of my house," said Amber Roberts.

Roberts lives a little less than a quarter mile inland from the River off of Prescott Road in Escatawpa. She says since she's lived there, the water has never gotten this close.

"This morning when I woke up it was coming in the yard. So I was like, we need to get sandbags just in case," Roberts said.

Unlike the camps along the river, the houses in Roberts neighborhood aren't on stilts.

By mid-day, water flooded her entire back yard and was within yards of entering Roberts' home.

"My biggest fear is the water coming in the house and everything gets ruined, or a big 'ol crocodile swimming around and come get me," Roberts said.

Bill Firth lives in a camp along the river. Though he's accustomed to some flooding, Firth says he wasn't prepared for the amount of water, or how fast it rose.

"It came up quick, we weren't expecting it. We thought we had until today to get our stuff out," said Firth.

Even though Firth's home sits about 10 feet off the ground, he scrambled to get what he could out of the house.

"We got a neighbor to boat us in, got the dogs, brought out a few boat loads and we're headed to Hattiesburg," Firth said.

Terry Jackson with the Jackson County Office of Emergency Services says there's still a bit of water coming to the area.

"It's suppose to crest at 19.5 [feet]. It's currently at 18.11 [feet] as of 12 o'clock today. Unfortunately that's still two to three days until the water could get here. So we could still be looking at 1.5 feet to 2 feet in the Escatawpa area," Jackson said.

Emergency officials are urging everyone to take precaution, and not to drive through flood waters.

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